Environmental Law Attorneys Provide Business Solutions

Experienced management of compliance issues and complex litigation

Environmental regulations, however necessary and well-founded, place burdens on companies by forcing them to dedicate more and more resources to compliance. Yet, compliance costs are negligible compared to liability for violations and the loss of public good will that polluting companies suffer. Baird Hanson LLP assists companies throughout the Western United States with compliance issues, so owners can be confident that their operations are securely within the bounds of the law and their company’s reputation in environmental matters is above reproach. Our attorneys understand the full scope of federal, state and local regulations. When controversies arise, we provide skilled and knowledgeable representation before regulatory agencies protecting your interests in hearings, civil litigation and criminal cases.

Comprehensive management of  permitting needs

Every business must begin its permitting process well in advance to complete any required reviews before the onset of operations. But timeliness is even more important in heavy industry, where regulatory scrutiny can be intense. Our attorneys manage the full course of your permitting process, for all necessary permits, including:

  • Air quality permits
  • Preconstruction permits
  • Title V operating permits
  • Water permits
  • Waste permits
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits
  • Solid waste permits
  • Hazardous waste permits
  • Underground injection control permits
  • 401 water quality certification
  • Septic tank seal registration
  • Surface mine permitting

The best time to address environmental concerns is prior to discovery by the public or an enforcement agency. Our attorneys work closely with your company and environmental experts to conduct compliance audits that ensure your company’s operations can pass any level of scrutiny.

Protecting your interests in environmental disputes

Baird Hanson LLP defends companies in federal claims alleging violations of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation & Liability Act, involving:

  • Asbestos removal
  • Clean Air Act violations
  • Clean Water Act violations
  • Hazardous waste contamination
  • Superfund sites

We represent companies in administrative civil penalty proceedings before the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These may include alleged violations of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act. We also defend clients in hearings before the enforcement divisions of the many state regulatory departments.

Contact an established environmental law firm

In today’s climate, your company needs reliable environmental law counsel from a meticulous law firm. To schedule a consultation with Baird Hanson LLP, call 208-388-0110 to reach our Idaho office or 303-447-9800 for our Colorado office.  We can also be reached online. From our Idaho and Colorado locations we represent clients throughout the Western United States.